Thursday, February 18, 2010

At Last

At last! After four long months of hours spent online, filling out applications, interviews, substitute teaching, afternoon naps, and lots of prayers, I am finally punching the clock again! For those of you who never lost faith in me- thanks for the encouragement. For those who didn’t know about my bout with unemployment, let me tell you about my new, wicked-awesome job.

But first, some background.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to stamp. Before I was even in the double digits, my sister and I would invite our cousins over for “card-making slumber parties”. These nights consisted of an explosion of paper, ink, crayons and Lisa Frank stamps. At thirteen, I got introduced to a company called Stampin’ Up!. I attended a stamping workshop with my mom, and learned about the magic and possibilities of stamping. And that is where my obsession began. I started saving up the money from my paper route to purchase stamps. I would pour over the catalogs in bed before I fell asleep. I attended more and more workshops, sometimes being the only one under the age of 30. I took a calligraphy class, learned new techniques, and delivered my hand-made creations to everyone who would take them. As years went by, the supplies began build up. If I ever spent more than two weeks away from home, I would insist that my paper and stamps came with me. I struggled in college to find the time to express my creativity- I still managed to get a project in here and there, but the inevitable dust slowly began to collect on my beloved art supplies. Weeks turned into months and months to years, until I got home from my mission and realized that unemployed people have A LOT of free time. I began cleaning and organizing and remembering what I used to do when I had time to do it. The day I found my stamps was like a sweet reunion with an old friend.

I wouldn’t say that I was picky, I would say that the economy was bad and I was holding out for the perfect job. I’ll be honest and say that I began to love the routine- wake up when I want, eat when I want, read when I want, sleep when I want… I apologize now to those of you who helped me through those hard months and listened to me complain.

And then it happened. Two months after I had wishfully applied for a job at Stampin’ Up! the phone rang- they wanted me to come in. Over the next few weeks I was filled with all kinds of thoughts and emotions.

“No way am I ever going to get this job.”

Phone call #2.

Could this actually be a possibility?

Phone call #3.

Is this still happening?

Phone call #4. I tried to act cool as they offered me the job by responding with “I’ll have to think about it.” Yeah right! I was already sold. After three trips to my own personal Mecca*, I was actually going to get to work there!?

It’s now week two, and I worked with people who are 100% more obsessed than I am- loving every second of it.

*I say Mecca because it really is quite a journey- one hour commute both ways. BUT when you get to play with colors like creamy caramel, crushed curry, and pumpkin pie all day it's totally worth it.


Kat said...

SO fun! I'm so glad you got that job and that you love it! :)

Candice said...

I LOVED Lisa Frank too!!!! :) Glad you get to do what you enjoy...sounds like fun!!!